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Why did we seal our ducts from the INSIDE?

     November 12, 2015 0 Comments

They say a picture says a thousand words. So this picture explains quite clearly why we chose to use Aeroseal of Regina to seal our ducts from the inside.

Not much left on that connection.

Not much left on that connection.

When you want a room warm, you want it warm now. When you want it cold, you want it cold now. Breaks in the pipe like this allow both warm and cold air to escape so that less is being pushed out your vents.

Also, breaks like this in your return air ducts allow your furnace to draw air from the truss area. If you’ve ever done renovations or looked in your basement ceiling, it’s one of the dustiest, dirtiest areas you could imagine. So that being said, we didn’t want our furnace drawing THAT air into the filter to spread around the home.

Aeroseal hooks up a huge fan that pressurizes your ducts after blocking off all places that air is supposed to be going. Then, they use a proprietary and safe material that goes inside your ducts and anywhere where it “leaks” out of the ducts, it slowly congeals to block it off.

This next picture shows the sealing process. Look how much CFM (flow rate of air) is lost at the beginning, and how much less is leaking out at the end. It’s insane! This is the same in new and old houses. In fact, in new homes, it’s often a lot worse than you might hope/expect/think. They can use goop and tape, but it’s just never as effective as sealing from the inside. All those screw holes too leave gaps that only Aeroseal can fix.aeroseal2

These last pictures shows a setup of what the machine looks like. Very unobtrusive and clean, they just come into your house and leave a few hours later after sealing everything up. This proprietary technology should be done to every home. Mandatory. In our opinion. We love it!

set up 3


set up 2

Our house now heats up and cools down very quickly when needed, our rooms are very comfortable, filter barely gets dirty at all, air quality is great, and heating/cooling bills are low for a 2150 square foot home! What more can you ask for? Give Aeroseal a call today at 306-570-7325 to book and tell them House Trade Built sent you.

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