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Windows, stairs and shingles!

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     February 10, 2015 0 Comments

It’s so awesome to go to the house and see multiple companies working all together to create this house. It was another busy day at the house with people in and out all day, progress being made.

Does anything look different to you?

window in

The giant window is in from Humphrey Window and Door Store! The driveway is formed and the arch detail has been completed. Looks awesome hey? We gave Manny from Limitless Construction a big high-five when we saw the house like this.

*Notice the grade difference between the driveway and the side of the house? This will all be leveled out in the spring. We need to bring in quite a bit of fill.

* Notice the temporary front door. The real door, from Sunview Windows & Doors, will be centered and beautiful. We’re using a temporary door so the real door doesn’t get damaged during construction.

garage floor

The fill was also brought in to the inside of the garage by Bergen Excavating. This is in preparation for the rebar and cement that gets poured over to create a real garage floor.


The stairs were also installed! That means I can safely go from floor to floor without fear of a shaky ladder. Our stairs need a bit of revision, but I’ll explain that in another post. For now, let’s just admire the giant window from the inside. The amount of light it brings in is great.

window bonus

The crew is also busy installing windows throughout the rest of the rooms. I’m looking forward to seeing how the windows in the children’s bedrooms finish. KRN Residential Design designed the windows in the two bedrooms to appear as though it was a corner of windows. Once the drywall and trim pieces go up, I think it will look great!


Overall, things are moving along pretty quick and we’re so grateful to everyone working that schedules are being met, attention to detail is high and an amazing house is being built.

Best of all? We’re one step closer to being at lock-up. Canridge Roofing had the shingles hoisted up to the roof today. They will be starting in the next day or two, weather dependent, and getting that roof all shingled. Woo hoo!





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