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     April 24, 2014 0 Comments

Well, they did it again. KRN Residential Design sent us a present today. Not only did they give us one revised floor plan that is now 32′ wide… they gave us two. Ooooh the options. They should know by now that options just mean more decisions for me to make. I better improve at making decisions or this design process could take forever. 

option 1 website

Check out that dining room! It’s a lot bigger, which means it can accommodate a larger table. I like it. One thing we were concerned about was the number of chairs that could fit comfortably in the dining area.  When touring showhomes and looking online, we noticed that a lot of dining spaces were small. The ability to have a table extended was important to us because we want to build a house that any family would be happy to own. Having the ability to entertain and serve more than 6 people around a table is important.  You will also notice we removed the upper cabinetry between the kitchen and the dining room. We figured that the fewer space restrictions there were, the better.

The other major change on the main floor is the foyer. It’s quite big now. Like, really big, for a front entrance. I’m looking forward to this space and including artwork and decor like a comfy bench or planter.

And… the walk-through pantry. Love. Main floor = perfect.

Let’s move upstairs, shall we? LOOK AT THE ENSUITE! Yes, it’s cozy, but there is a separate bath and shower! And the laundry is still up on the second floor! We gave KRN Residential Design the option of moving the laundry to the basement as a last resort to solve the bathroom problem, but fortunately they didn’t have to. With the magic of their floor plan software and imagination, everything on our ‘list’ is included. They even made up a plan sans Jack and Jill bathroom, just to provide that option… although I admit…the Jack and Jill bathroom has now sort of grown on me.

option 2 website

This is option 2. It’s 32′ wide, and bigger. The total square footage increased by 215 square feet, to 2095 total. I love the layout. The upstairs looks awesome. The kid’s bedrooms are exactly as I imagined. At our meeting, we talked about built in desks beside the closets, and I think it will work really well. The windows are also positioned to appear as a corner window. I can’t wait to see it in real life.

photo (5)One thing I love about Option #2 is that when you arrive on the second floor, you see 2 doors: the master bedroom door, and the laundry room door. The second and third bedroom doors are tucked away in their own hallway, through the archway. In Option #1, you come face to face with 6 doors. Six. I much prefer the clean look of Option #2, as we currently have 7 doors in our own hallway. 

Check out the size of the master bedroom, too! It’s huge! There are a few tweaks I want to make, like the windows in the master bedroom, but I think we’re getting closer to the final floor plan. Once we finalize this plan, we move onto the next step, which is the electrical plan. I’ll let you know if I make about any tweaks and if it changes the floor plan, but so far so good.

Is a large dining space important to you? Do you entertain a lot? Do you like an open concept main floor? What would you use a bonus room for?



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